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More new music! This came with the following note from Will: "I thought I would post a treat for our fans. This is a live soundboard clip of a new instrumental song that we wanted to share. Although it isn't the best quality recording I believe the substance is a good representation of where our music is right now. We also don't know if this song will end up on the new album with a new guitarist but it is."
Omni Rough Soundboard (6.3 MB)

Greetings all! Well, I know we've had some bad news lately so we figured the least we could do is reward all you faithful members of the Omni Army (man, that would be pretty lame if we actually called you that, huh?) Anyway, we had begun recording some tunes recently and since we aren't sure when they'll actually surface, we wanted to give you a chance to hear them. So, without further ado:
Breakfast of Champions (4.8 MB)
Warr Guitar Song (4.2 MB)

Hello all, I have a sad word to pass. Hans has decided to leave the band. Hans is a unique musician and was an important part of the group. Although this is a blow to the band we must go on. This is a void which will be hard to fill but we are very dedicated to our further progression. A band is nothing if not a group of friends and art is just a reflection of that personal relationship. Although anger is in place I know where my true feeling sits beneath. Hans I will miss you as a band member and as a friend. -Chris

Due to extenuating circumstances within the band, Omni will not be playing on Saturday March 27th at the Central Saloon. We feel horrible to let down our friends and fans and we would like to give our most sincere apologies to them. We would also like to thank the Central and their staff for giving us the biggest opportunity we've had to be successful.

We have a show at the prestigious Central Saloon on Saturday March 27th at 12:00 Midnight. This show will be a milestone for us since the Central has taken a liking to our music and is giving us the opportunity to play on a Saturday night, so we really need to pack the place. If you all come out and impress the folks at the Saloon, that could mean a consistent Saturday gig for Omni and the opportunity to play some of the other big venues around town. The Central is such a cool place just to go and hang out anyway, so if you feel like a beer it is a good place to go and drink it. Good people... The Central Saloon is located at 207 First Avenue, South Pioneer Square Seattle, Washington - 206.622.0209.

In other news we are still immersed in working on new stuff which is why we haven't been playing many shows lately, especially shows of the all ages kind. We understand that we have plenty of fans that don't happen to be of legal drinking age and we will be doing all ages shows in the near future, but we need new material to play live to put on a better show!

We'll be playing the Central Saloon on Wednesday, February 18 at 12:00 midnight. The show is 21+ and there is an $8 cover. The Central Saloon is located at 207 First Avenue, South Pioneer Square Seattle, Washington - 206.622.0209. In other news, we have been working on new material daily and are totally immersed in the writing process. There will be many good things to come soon!

We do it all for the fans! First off we need to thank everyone that came out to the Ballard Firehouse shows over the last couple of months to support us, it is much appreciated. We would really like it for all of the fans to e-mail us and let us know where you live and where you want us to play. We want to start expanding the area in which we perform to bring the music to our fans in other parts of WA state. In the works is a little promotional video project designed to both get people ready for the new album, and as a gift to all you lovely fans out there. The video will be a mix of interviews, live clips and snippets of new songs. If anyone is interested in helping out in any way, please drop us an e-mail. Our fans will also play a big part in this video as we hope to answer a bunch of questions regarding the new album, history of the band, plans for the future etc. The video will be included in our press kit package and it will eventually be on our website. You can e-mail the band, or you can connect directly with the mighty Will at his personal address Don't be shy, get in touch and one more time THANK YOU!!

Omni once again burns up the Ballard Firehouse this Saturday, November 15th at 8 pm. Along for the ride is White Rabbit, who will be taking the stage at 6 pm. This is an all ages show and can be yours for the unbelievably low price of just 8 bucks! In case you forgot, the Ballard Firehouse is located at 5429 Russell Ave NW in Seattle, and you can ring them at 206.784.3516. See you there!

Ladies and Gentlemen we need your help! Omni returns once again to the incomparable Ballard Firehouse on Sunday, October 5 at 9:00 pm for the Ballard Firehouse Battle of the Bands Semi-Finals. The judges of this prestigious contest will be the fans, which means we need you there cheering and voting for Omni! There's a cash prize in it and our beloved drummer Will has sworn that he will use the cashola to buy studio time and record an ever-so-special hymn to all his loving fans. That alone is worth showing up, the Ballad of Will! This is an all ages show and Omni hits the stage at 9:00 pm. The cover is $8, but maybe you can sweet talk Will into giving you your money back if Omni wins. The Ballard Firehouse is located at 5429 Russell Ave NW in Seattle and you can call them at 206.784.3516.

Omni returns to the fabulous Ballard Firehouse this coming Saturday, September 27. Joining them will be Improbable Cause, White Rabbit and Sunday Best. The show starts at 6 pm and Omni takes the stage at 9 pm. Omni is filling the last all ages slot, that means there's no excuse for you not to go! . Bring your friends, bring your little sister, bring your grandparents - this is a show not to be missed! The Ballard Firehouse is located at 5429 Russell Ave NW in Seattle and you can call them at 206.784.3516.

Here's the latest chance for you to catch Omni live! Saturday, September 6 at the Ballard Firehouse featuring White Rabbit and Reference the Seasons. The show starts up at 7:30 pm and will run you a cool $5. The Ballard Firehouse is located at 5429 Russell Ave NW in Seattle and you can call them at 206.784.3516. Do not miss this opportunity, and get there early because it is gonna be a packed house. See you there!

The shirts and hoodies have arrived! Designed by our own Chris Cullman (that's the bassist for those of you who were sleeping through the review), these things look amazing. The artwork is reproduced with a 7 color screen printing process - that means vibrant colors and this bad boy won't fade after a few trips through the washing machine. Check out the Merchandise section for information on getting your very own Omni gear.

The show last week at the Central Saloon went well, thanks to everyone who showed up. We have added a gallery of photos from the show in the Live Images section. A tour is currently in the works, so keep checking back for more information on that. T-shirts have been ordered, so we should have information on that in the coming weeks.

Added new shots of some of our gear in the Images section.

Notice anything different about the site? If not, be sure to turn your speakers up and check out the header up top. Just a quick note to let you know we are in the process of getting T-shirts and stickers made. It won't be too long until you can sport your very own Omni gear around town, guaranteed to impress the ladies.

We have a new show lined up at the Central Saloon May 21st. The cover is $5. We will be playing with Comes with the fall, and Buzzfactor. Hope to see you there! .

Added two videos from our Kentlake Phat Fest show. Check out live versions of "C" and "Every Day" off of Paint By Numbers, which you can buy at Amazon for only $10.99!

Well, the new site is up, hope everyone likes it. Feel free to hit the contact button and let us know what you think of the site. Be sure to check back soon as we will be adding a few more bells and whistles in the coming weeks.

Here are some updates on our up and coming Kent shows. The Kentlake Phat Fest show is this Friday at 6:30PM. Tickets are $7 ($5 w/ student ID) and we will be the last band following Sub Motive, Ocifer and Hubris. Details are coming together for our Kentwood show and we will have more information within the next few days.

We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend our recent shows and we appreciate all of the support. The Live Edge TV filming was successful and we will be able to share some footage with everyone within the next coming weeks.

We are gearing up for our Paradox show on December 9th @ 8:00 PM. We should be the first band on out of 3 others (Mother, X-setra, Spanish for 100) although we aren't 100% sure of the band line up quite yet. It is an all ages show. Tickts can be purchased at the door for $7. The next piece news is that the Live Edge TV gig has been changed to the 13th of December. Tickets will be available ASAP from us as they are being sent and will arrive probably early this week and we will let you know how to get them.

So, our current dates are as followed:

Dec. 9th, The Paradox, 8 PM, Seattle, WA
Dec. 13th, The Rainbow, time TBA, Seattle, WA
Date + time TBA, Kentwood High School, Kent, WA

Also, expect to see plenty more gigs lined up for us after the new year. We are currently recieving our press kits which will be sent out to venues before the end of December and it usually takes 2-3 months at the least to arrange slots to play. In the meantime we are continuing on rehearsing our new material to be performed live. Thats all for now...

We have solidified some info since the last site update. The Live Edge TV show is taking place on December 14th at a venue called The Rainbow, which is right off I-5. It is located in the U District in Seattle at 722 NE 45th St. Apparently we will be able to sell tickets to anyone who is interested in going. When we confirm this information we will let you know where and when you can buy them. We are slotted to play about 5 songs and we may debut a new song or two. There will be several other live acts performing that night as well. Due to schedule conflicts that are out of our control the Kentwood show is being pushed back to January or February and we will keep you posted on details about that show as well. The Paradox show is still on for December 9th and we hope to see many of you there...thats all for now, take care.

Yes, Omni has updated their website again! We have been working very hard lately. Our new songs are coming along nicely and we hope to share them with you at some of our upcoming shows that we have scheduled in November and December. Lined up In November, we are scheduled to play for a California based TV show called Live Edge TV. The show will happen at one of the selected venues: Sky Theater, Moore Theater or the Showbox. When we get venue, date and time information we will let all of you know and tell you where you can get tickets. We have a show on December 9th @ the Paradox in Seattle for a local band festival. We are also in the midst of planning another show @ Kentwood High School which will probably take place on the weekend of December 7th. There are lots of new things on the way, and we should have video and audio from the Live Edge gig and possibly from the other shows we are performing. There will also be plenty of new live photos of the band. In the meantime we have just uploaded a bunch of new video clips so please feel free to check them out. I told you we've been working hard... enjoy!

We have the #1 rock/pop song in Washington on! New things updated on the page include an all new gear section, some new live shots from the I-SPY show, and also a new promo shot. New works will soon be added to the art section from the band as well as some friends. If you have art to contribute please don't hesitate to send it to our email. To purchase our CD please go to it is only $10.99. Stay posted for some interesting new developments now in the works!

Hello, welcome to the new home of Omni. We have a new show at the I-Spy on July 8th at 9 PM, it is $6 at the door, or buy your tickets in advance through the website. Unfortunately for our younger friends this show is 21+. Our CD is available everywhere with our new site at, please check it out out by going to our music section. Plan on this site growing rapidly from here as It will be a top priority for us. Things in the works as of now are: Full art section with art coming from you guys as well as the band and friends, live videos, live mp3s and much more. Keep visiting the site for new and exciting things.